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Well, I have a new love. My husband and I got a black goldendoodle puppy named Huey a week and a half ago and I am SO smitten. I can’t even handle how cute he is, and he’s so sweet! (Most of the time.) Huey was definitely a life-changer in that he demands so much attention it’s […]


OOTD: A Cute Sweater Vest and an Even Cuter Puppy

Shui Chen sweater vest and Huey the goldendoodle

Happy Wednesday! This morning I gravitated to yet another cape in my closet. I think capes are so fun and easy to wear, and they instantly elevate your look. Wearing all black? Throw on a cape and a statement necklace to complete your outfit! Easy peasy. I love this cape in particular, which is from […]


OOTD: Another Day, Another Cape

During brutal winters in Chicago (or anywhere), scarves are a necessity. But have you thought about styling your scarf to wear with your outfit, rather than removing it with your coat once you get inside? I am constantly cold, so I tend to keep my scarf on indoors – even if it’s a big chunky […]


OOTD: 3 Ways to Style a Scarf

How to style a scarf