are you in a style rut?
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If that sounds like you, then a Lookbook from Alyssa Doorhy Styling is the perfect solution for you.

Like my Virtual Styling services, a Lookbook is a great option for anyone who needs a style refresh, whether you’re looking for a personal stylist in Chicago or one in cyberspace.

Do you constantly look in your closet and think you have nothing to wear?

here's how it works:


What is a lookbook?

Similar to an inspiration or vision board, a fashion “Lookbook” is a visual representation of your ideal personal style. It gives you a new perspective on your wardrobe, and takes the stress out of getting dressed each morning by illustrating how to put different outfits together.


Why do I need a lookbook?

Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of styling advice available these days. You could spend hours scrolling through influencer vlogs, idea board apps and fashion magazines to find what’s “in” this season. Doing this can be time-consuming and overwhelming, not to mention that none of these outlets take into account your personal style, needs and comfort level.
When building your Lookbook, I carefully consider all of these things, and provide suggestions with only you in mind. Think of it as a sort of fashion reference book that was written just for you!


What is in a lookbook?

  1. Closet: In this section, you’ll find photos of the pieces that you currently have in your wardrobe.
  2. Finds: In “Finds,” view images of and website links to new items that will compliment what’s already in your closet and are within your budget.   
  3. Lookbook: This is where it all comes together! This section consists of several sug- gested outfits that can be put together between what’s already in your closet and rec- ommended new “finds” to purchase. You have the ability to comment and ask questions within the lookbook, as well.      

Your personalized lookbook will be comprised of three sections:

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