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I’m collaborating with Claire Staszak, an interior designer and owner of Centered by Design, to bring you a monthly “room to outfit” series, where I style an outfit based on an interior that Claire has designed. If you missed the first Room to Outfit post last month, go check it out! Last month’s look was all […]

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Room to Outfit Inspiration with Centered by Design: Look 2

Room to Outfit Inspiration

Happy Monday (and first day of summer)! Yay! Once it starts getting hot and sunny outside here in Chicago, some days I find it difficult to focus on my work. I just want to be outside basking in the sun, playing with my dog and eating ice cream. Anyone with me? Since that’s not really a productive […]

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CoChic Cool Chick: Interior Designer Claire Hurwitz Staszak

Claire Hurwitz Staszak of Centered by Design